Sunday, December 10, 2006

Lord Of The Rings - This is a small portion of my collection of LOTR. I stopped collecting when GW went a little crazy! Don't ask where the front shots are as I cannot find them. I have a lot more painted but getting the little lady to take some more photos is the key.

Odds and Sods - These are figures that really don't fit anywhere else. The Colonial types are Foundry Darkest Africa and the Queen Victoria and Albert are free foundry figures as is Madam Lash.

English Civil War Artillery - The guns for the army. A Gabion made from lead wire and filled with Das, effective? The artillery bases are two peices of cardboard stuck to gether and bevelled on the sides with slots cut for each of the crew so that casualties can be taken off and in there place a barrel or cannon balls can be inserted! The guns themselves can be removed and used with the limbers when ever they should arrive from bicorne Miniatures. All figures are in fact from Bicorne.

English Civil War Personalities - These are seven of the nine personalities that are produced by Bicorne Miniatures. I have the other two but they are yet to be based.

The French SYW Army - This is a few photos of my SYW French Army as it currently stands. As well as showing the terrain tiles we have completed in all there glory. All figures are Front Rank with Inf in Batt's of 12 figure strong and Cav at 12 figure Regt's. This will soon be changed to 16 figure Inf Batt's but Cav will remain the same.

Terrain Restoration - Restoring the 20 year old terrain tiles to make it usable and more durable. The crew Myself, Scott Robertson, son Ayden Liam Temple and next dooors dog Eddie! Check Scott's Blogsite as it is well worth a visit. There are 56 - 2 foot square terrain tiles but we repaired only 18 so far. I will take better photos of the next time we restore some and do a step by step article. As you can see they are housed in the 12.5 metre by 8.5 metre shed which I will eventually turn into a purpose build wargames room. We lived in this shed for 8 months whilst our house was being built.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Fantasy Figures- In this section I will post any fantasy figues I have painted from various manufactures apart from LOTR which will have it's own post. This fellow was a free figures that came with a White Dwarf magazine. White undercoat and acrylic paints.

The female Greek warrior is a Reaper Miniature and the shield was hand painted. The Elf was a free figure from Foundry Miniatures as was the Dwarf.

Ancient Greeks- These are some trial paint jobs for my army of Foundry Greeks. Undercoat of black and acrylic paints for the rest. The spear is made from sparkler wire beaten down with a hammer and shaped on a grinder wheel. I'm not so sure of the bronze effect I have here?